Life’s a beach, Quy Nhon.

Life’s a beach. Thon 2, Xa Xuan, Song Cau.

Vietnam-map-300x300-e1337005931889.jpgWhat a piece of paradise this place was. To get to this hostel you have to ride through Quy Nhon city and then through an awesome mountain road for about 20-30minutes worth of wide roads and tight corners, honestly its so much fun! The hostel is located on the mountain and directly on the beach. Its in a truly stunning location with nothing else around you.

It is maybe a little difficult to get to if you don’t have a bike but definitely worth it either way.

When you arrive, you’ll have to walk all the way down to where the beach hut bar is to check in. Its a few steps but not too bad. At this point I’d got a knackered knee which wasn’t the best. Thankfully a member of staff carried my bag for me, it was almost as big as him!


Not the best picture but here’s the beach bar.

We arrived at around 8pm (obviously, never arrive in the day), the bar was full and the party in full swing. We were greeted by Josh, the bar man from Austin, Texas. He gave us the best greeting you could ask for. Firstly shouted a huge welcome to us and then handed us a beer. We asked if we could check in and he just told us to chill, have a beer and check in when we felt like it.


One of the reasons we came here was to regroup with James who we’d been traveling with for a while, he’d stayed in Hoi An for a few days whilst Alistair and I were in Kon Tum. We ended up drinking for most of the night until it got to about 12am and we realised we still needed to check in!

A little pissed we checked in and were taken to our room. Again a guy helped me carry my bags up the steps to our room.

We were lucky enough to be in the room with air conditioning.

Maybe the only downside to this hostel is that there’s only 2 shared dorms with air conditioning. The rest are more like beach huts with fans and mosquito nets.

The room we were in had 6 beds and was comfy enough. The bathroom located just outside with 6 showers and toilets and a large double sink.

The showers (when they worked properly) were amazing, the ones with the huge shower head that pours on you like a waterfall.

We only managed to stay in the air conditioned room for 2 nights then had to move to one of the shared beach huts.

The beach huts are fine to sleep in, these are 10 bed dorms with lockers, fans and mosquito nets. They just get a little warm to sleep in sadly.

We also spent one night in a private beach hut, there was a bunk bed with a double on the bottom and single on the top and more fans. To be honest I was so drunk when I slept in this room it didn’t matter where I slept.


There’s not a great deal to do around the hostel. It’s mostly just a good hostel to chill in. You’d have to ride back to Quy Nhon to do anything and again there’s not a lot to do in the city. I went in one day to get a hair cut and some of the guys went in to get a blind massage. It is how it sounds, a massage from a blind person.

A funny story about the massage is a great guy we met and hung out with at the hostel most days, Greg, was missing one of his little toes. So when he went for the blind massage, the masseuse got to his feet and started cracking his toes, until they got to the last pinky toe, and couldn’t find it. He said they tried searching for it for ages completely confused.

The hostel is a great place to chill though. They have some comfy seating set up, hammocks, a pool table, table football table, darts board, a large bar and obviously the beach.

There’s also connect 4. If you’re there, challenge Phuong to a game. He was really good, Alistair beat him a couple of times, I couldn’t beat him once. I honestly thought that connect 4 was a child’s game but its a game of tactics.


To get to the beach is an easy walk down from the bar area, although some of the stones are a little sharp so I’d advice wearing some sort of footwear to get down there. Daniel, a friend we made, cut the bottom of his foot pretty badly (see gross photo below).

Sorry for the gross picture. Daniels foot.

You can also hire Kayaks and freely kayak to the nearby islands.

Whilst we were there, maybe the second or third day some people took kayaks out in the afternoon. We were chilling in the bar in the night time and Dan, the hostel manager and Josh were both looking pretty worried. We asked them if everything was OK and found out that one of the kayaks hadn’t returned.

They tried searching the beach and called the coast guard but with no luck.

It wasn’t until the day after that the guy returned, minus the kayak.

The story goes that he was out kayaking, lost his friends and the kayak sank. He managed to get to a nearby fishing boat and ended up staying on the fishing boat overnight whilst they fished, until they returned to shore the next day.

We’re not sure how accurate the story was, but the guy ended up having to pay for a new kayak.

Sadly I never made it to the beach. With a dodgy knee and the burn on my leg still being really raw, I decided it wasn’t the best idea to be going in the sea. I just chilled in the bar area, read my book and played pool with anyone willing to play.

The current state of my burn.

I spent a lot of time with Greg. He was a very interesting character to say the least. He wouldn’t give a lot about himself away. We learned he was from Tasmania and not a lot else. He was in his late 50’s maybe. Had some great stories to tell and was off the grid as he would say. Our thought’s were that he was some sort of Tasmanian gangster. He even looked like Mike from breaking bad!

He was actually a great guy, he’d tell it like it is and wouldn’t hold back. He’d been staying in the hostel for a record 21 days when we first met him and he had no plans of leaving any time soon. He eventually left with Josh to travel elsewhere.

I managed to get a picture of him but he wouldn’t appreciate me putting it online, I’ll just put up a sketch I drew of him (I can’t draw for shit).

Old Greg.

There were some really cool moments in the hostel. Most days someone, mostly James, would go to the forest next to the hostel to collect fire wood. Then in the night would set up a camp fire.

We had some cool times there. James carried a ukulele with him everywhere and loved to rap and we also met some girls, one of which was an amazing singer. There’s something really special about being by the beach, looking out at all the lights on the horizon from the fishing boats, sitting by a campfire with good friends and new friends, drinking beer and listening to someone sing. Maybe I’m slowly turning into a hippy.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We also had some pretty messy nights here too. Josh was very good at getting the party going, they had offers on drinks, music (although the playlist was always the same) and everything you drank was dangerously put on a tab to be payed when you check out.

We racked up a pretty large tab in the end. But we had stayed for a good week.



Another good thing about this hostel is no WiFi. Which might not sound great but when you’re in such an ideal location you don’t need to be constantly scrolling through Facebook or searching for likes on Instagram. It was nice to chill without looking at my phone for a week. I read an entire book which rarely happens!

To summarise Life’s a beach hostel, its a great place to relax by the beach for a few days. If you’re traveling as a group or going solo, you’ll make friends here. Grab yourself a good book, settle into a hammock and enjoy.


A tiny Praying Mantis that landed on the bar.
That tiny in fact!





Find more pictures from my travels on Instagram. I’m an idiot so have two pages.



All pictures are my own.

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