Flying my drone, the abandoned water park (Hue) and the west lake (Hanoi).

So I’ve been lugging a large bag around with me throughout traveling, a drone that in 3 months I’ve only used twice and the first time was a little unsuccessful to say the least.

The reason I’ve not used it much is because in Hong Kong within 4 days of being there, I lost my GoPro jumping off a junk boat into the sea. I did the classic “Cannonball!!!!” with the GoPro attached to a wrist strap. My biggest mistake here was not having a float attached and my biggest advice to anyone is buy a damned float!

On the boat and after I’d lost my GoPro I was talking to a girl who’s a scuba diver, she told me that she finds quite a few GoPro’s whilst diving.

I wasn’t so mad to be honest, things like this happen and can be easily (if a little costly) replaced.

I also couldn’t be too mad because after I did this, the bride and groom, Tom and Keren (the reason we were in Hong Kong) jumped in off the boat. Tom surfaced to find he’d just lost his wedding ring. The ring that Keren had made for him and he’d got at his wedding the day before.

Luckily Keren, being the awesome girl she was, laughed the situation off and a few weeks later made him a new one.

So I thought it would be relatively easy to find a GoPro in Vietnam. Especially in such a big city like Hanoi. I was sadly mistaken.

The unfortunate thing is that the drone I have, a 3dr Solo, requires a GoPro Hero4, you can’t use any other GoPro with it.

The only GoPro’s that are sold in Hanoi (or Vietnam it seems) is the Hero 5 or the Session.

We searched the whole of Hanoi with no luck. We also searched in many other cities along the way to no avail.

I didn’t manage to get the correct GoPro until we got to Hue a good month or so later.

Matt (our friend from Vinh) messaged his friend Nhi in Hue who ordered me a GoPro through Lazada and had it delivered to his home. So when we finally got to Hue I met him and got my new GoPro!

He was really kind and I’m very grateful to him for helping me out so much. We went and met him one night with his two friends and drank quite a lot of beer!

Alistair and Nhi.

So with my new GoPro we finally got a chance to fly the drone. There’s a really cool abandoned waterpark in Hue so we took the drone there.

The abandoned water park is a not too far out of Hue city and easy enough to find with and a bike. The irony about the park is that it’s more of a tourist attraction now than it was in the short period that it was open.

When you arrive you pay the guard at the gate a small fee, I think it was about 20,000 dong. And then you can ride around. There’s even a parking bit with refreshments by the main attraction, the dragon lake.

The place is huge so definitely go by bike.

So we got to the Dragon lake, set my drone up and got ready to fly. There was a group of Americans who took interest and were watching us set it up and get ready to fly.

We got the drone in the air and I flew it out to a good view point then realised there was a problem. I could live stream through my phone, but the GoPro wouldn’t record or take any pictures.

We tried to reset the GoPro but it wouldn’t work so sadly I couldn’t record any footage. The only picture’s I got were from screenshots on my phone.

Not the best quality due to it being a screenshot.


One of the cool things about the dragon was that you can climb right up to the top and chill in its mouth. We chilled up there a while because it started to rain really heavily.

The park was cool though, we rode about, found the slides, Marco even slid down one of the slides but managed to not end up in the green sludgy water below.

If you’re in Hue, go to the water park. Its a cool day out.

Sadly I didn’t get any other good pictures as my camera battery died and The rain ruined any GoPro shots I got with water on the lens.


So I managed to figure out what was wrong with my GoPro, it needed updating. This in itself was a problem.

I tried to update it through the camera but this wouldn’t work. I also tried to plug the camera into my computer but the USB wouldn’t work. It took me a good few weeks to figure out that I’d need to manually update it.

I had to download the update onto my phone. Put the update onto the memory card and then insert the memory card back into the camera to update.

Luckily this worked so the camera updated.


The second time I used the drone was in Hanoi, on our final few days of being in Vietnam.

Alistair hired a motorbike and we rode to the west lake in search of a good spot.

Because I’m a retard I forgot to charge the batteries on my drone and my shitty phone was at 7% so we firstly had to find somewhere to charge things.

It took about an hour to charge but we found a decent enough cafe and chilled.

We rode about and stumbled upon a fairly large complex of abandoned buildings with no one around.

I always get a little nervous flying my drone. Mainly because I haven’t flown it many times and also because whenever you fly it, you get a small crowd around you watching.

I was shaking really badly but it was actually really fun flying it through the buildings.

You can see the footage on my drone Instagram page sexdronesrockandroll (hence the name of this blog).


Although it’s been a slight nuisance at times carrying a heavy backpack and a drone around. I’m glad I brought it and will be using it a lot more now that it works.

Our next stop is Malaysia so I’m looking forward to finding cool places there and I cannot wait to fly it in New Zealand.

Drone Flying 2
This was actually in Malaysia but here’s the drone. Photo Credit: Tom Mclean (who we stayed with in Malaysia).
Drone flying
This was actually in Malaysia but here’s the drone. Photo Credit: Tom Mclean (who we stayed with in Malaysia).

Find more pictures from my travels on Instagram. I’m an idiot so have two pages.



All pictures are my own.


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